Author: Lorfarius

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 104: James Pond: Underwater Agent

A fresh underwater take on our fishy friend James Pond in this week’s oceanic adventure.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 102: Altered Beast

Lorfarius meets the Beast from Altered Beast in this grand show off with Sega’s classic brawler.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 101: Cool Spot

Put your shades and stick your thumbs out as Cool Spot takes the spotlight in this weeks cooler than usual episode.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 100: A special celebration

AMIGArama celebrates 100 episodes with a look back at some of the best Amiga remixes out there.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 99: Beneath a Steel Sky

With a sequel close to it’s release after 25 years, AMIGArama takes a deep dive… Beneath a Steel Sky.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 98: Litil Divil

All is not well in the pits of Hades, only Mutt and a dubious Lorfarius can find the mystic Pizza of Plenty in this weeks show.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 97: Bubble Ghost

Can AMIGArama survive the night in a haunted hotel for this spooky, Bubble Ghost spectacular episode?

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 96: The Great Giana Sisters

No Super Mario Bros. to be seen in this nightmare as AMIGArama visits dreamland with these Great Giana sisters.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 95: Bubble Bobble

Bub and Bob join AMIGArama for the ultimate arcade team up in this weeks look back at an arcade smash hit.

AMIGArama Podcast Episode 94: Puggsy

In a world of brown… so much brown… that no one probably ever wanted to play. AMIGArama takes a trip down to the beach with the long forgotten platform hero, Puggsy.