Author: NGR

I am a 40-something gamer, dragged up on the Amstrad CPC range of computers, then onto the Super Nintendo and Amiga range. Living in the UK so excuse my Cumbrian / Yorkshire accent.... More than happy to play any game recommended, have a particular love of Wrestling and Beat-em-up games.... Check out my YouTube Channel Here :-

Noobs Review 12 :- WWF Wrestlefest (Arcade 1991)

WWF Wrestlefest is one of the most memorable games in the Arcade, but is it still worth a play today? Lets find out…

Noobs Review 11 :- Super Mario Land (Game Boy 1990)

Super Mario Land is Mario`s 1st outing on the Game-Boy, how does it stack up 30 years after its release?

Noobs Review 10 :- Cannon Fodder (Amiga 1993)

War has never been so much fun….or has it, check out Noobs Game Review of Cannon Fodder, on the Amiga, and find out

Noobs Review 9 :- Sim City (Super Nintendo 1992)

Sim City has seen releases on most (If not every) system over the years, how does the SNES version hold up? Lets find out…

Noobs Review 8 :- Micro Machines (Megadrive 1993)

Micro Machines for the Mega Drive hit the stores in 1993, does it still hold up today? Lets find out

Noobs Review 6 :- Super Star Wars (Super Nintendo 1993)

Super Star Wars was released on the Super Nintendo in 1993, and was known as being a hard game, does it still hold up almost 30 years later?

Noobs Review 5 :- Moonwalker (Megadrive 1991)

SHAMMMMOONNEEEE…… excuse me….Did you ever wonder what it would be like playing as an 80`s icon in a fantasy setting…well now you can…

Noobs Review 4 :- Lemmings (Game Boy 1994)

Lemmings was released on loads…and i do mean loads…of systems, how does the Game Boy version stack up..lets find out.