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Trucho (Kamino 2024) -MSX-

Welcome to Pescatore Island, the rod fishing paradise! by theNestruo Enjoy fishing on your MSX Physical edition Trucho physical MSX cartridges are available at MSX Cartridge Shop! Video: Buy, here Source:

Godzilla Balls (MSX)

 by Paxanga Software Controll Godzilla and Gamera, get the balls! Puzzle game for MSX A physical edition of this game might be released under pre-order later this year, to keep celebrating the wonderful 70th Anniversary of Godzilla. Contact Paxanga Soft for more info Source:


 by mananuk    MSX & GAME BOY ADVANCE available    LIMONCELLO´S REVENGE is the second part of Mandarino    Screens   Source:

XLN Bikes (MSX)

 by PlattySoft    [BASIC 10Liner 2024] [PUR-80]   XLN Bikes is a single player game inspired by the classic Tron Lightcycles Download, here Source:

MSX Sound Tool X

 by Keith Erickson   Have you ever wanted to use the SOUND command in MSX BASIC, but didn’t know how? Well, you’re in luck because MSX Sound Tool X makes using the SOUND command a piece of cake! MSX Soud Tool X take part in a Basic 10Liner Contest Download, here Source:

The Goblin Official Release Version by Hicks & Mananuk, MSX

Merl the goblin, a jailer on his first day of work, everything was going well until without knowing how Morleck’s demons escaped, now he will have to set out in search of them to bring them back before they realize his absence. In the absence of powers, our only weapon will be the burps produced by drinking beer. The game…

Tiny Magic Puzzle Game for the MSX2 Pre-Order Now Available

It is the year 1890. In our modern world, magic and mages are waning. At Mahoutokoro Magic School a student is chosen for the final Master Mage exam. This year young water mage Thiharis will be tested for his magic skills and intellect. His teacher Alcina guides our hero to Ogaisuma Island for the final test. Can you beat Alcina’s…

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad

Finally, Ned and Linda can enjoy a little time together. After an amazing day, in which their institute club has obtained for the fourth time in a row the Science Olympiad 1st award, the happy couple can at least relax in the city cliff, looking at a great star-filled night sky. But the happiness will not last as much as…

Xelden Ring, MSX

The Land of Kron, once a thriving land, is now withering. A growing darkness enveloped everything, forests turning into deserts, people disappearing from towns.. With the goal of keeping the human hope alive, a guild of adventurers was formed to fight against the growing hordes of beasts. They called themselves the tainted. However, the tainted were failing. Human morale was…

Tetpuz, MSX

The game Tetpuz takes some well-known-block shapes for you to place them on a chequerboard in an orderly fashion. Originally created in 1999 for the internet, and later on mobile phones, Totta has finally made an MSX version of his game called Tetpuz. The basic idea behind the game is simple. You need to create complete rows or columns by…