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Pouet Latest Releases

Latest releases over at Pouet are as follows: Mysterious Monorail by Desire Chiperia Issue #1 Particle Party by Desire above by sensenstahl IMPOSSIBLE ROAD by ribbon Source:

Kick Ass Commandos – Steam Greenlight

[youtube WmNRZEBuFKU nolink] OverviewLock and Load! It’s time to KickAss and… Well, it’s just time to KickAss. Grab your machinegun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and grenades. Assault the enemy base and free commandos to join your team while you destroy everything you see. Make your way through enemy bunkers to rescue your comrades, and kill everyone else you encounter! Features KickAss…

Super Smash Land

[youtube 351CO5_8fbM nolink] Super Smash Land is a free to play PC Game that is designed to look and feel like it is being played on the original Nintendo Gameboy!It’s a simplified experience while keeping the characters and features you are used to along with some other creativity. Trying it out is easy enough; Download it from the link below….

Leilani's Island

Aloha everyone, and welcome to Leilani’s Island! Leilani has gotta roll, run, jump, kick, and smash things to protect her island!Probably a good way to describe this game is a cross between Mario, Wario Land, and Donkey Kong, sounds like fun eh?Ishi started work on Leilani’s Island a year ago and his medium term goal is to get a single-level…

'Steel Assault' Kickstarter campaign is almost over and needs you!

[youtube 0GQgkz7xAU0 nolink] Steel Assault Kickstarted campaign has 20 hours to go, and it is still behind its goal. The game is 2D action platformer for PC, in the style of a late NES game. The game mainly focuses on close combat, but the player is also equipped with a variety of different weapons. Its aesthetic is inspired by late…

Multi-platform game Zombi Terror is now available!

“Zombi Terror” is an adventure game, divided in two parts, where you can move through the different locations and make special actions by the options displayed on screen, and with a “battle system” based on “dice rolling”, just like some rpg-board games. In addition to the amount of graphics, Kabuto Factory have composed an audio soundtrack to ambient the game…

Little Walker – Cute Platformer by Blake Fix

A classic platformer taken from 1986 the next universe over. Pretty pixels A whimsical retro soundtrack 8+ large continuous area’s that go up, down, and all around. Comical, cute and quirky characters. Easy to understand, Challenging to master game-play! The player’s actions are: Arrow Keys: Turn left/right (In auto mode they are not required but available). A very high variable…

Starr Mazer Kickstarter

Starr Mazer blends two classic genres, the Point-and-Click Adventure and Classic-style Shoot ‘Em Up, into a retro-sexy sci-fi epic with modern design sensibilities, open-middled gameplay and RPG elements. The game will feature a collaborative soundtrack by Alex Mauer (VEGAVOX, Serious Sam: Random Encounter), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), The Protomen, Virt (Shovel Knight) and many more! Website:

Ultimate Bruce Lee, Awesome Remake for Windows!

Unlock and complete every game mode to become the Ultimate bruce lee. Some modes are unlocked by completing others modes, some by killing a certain amount of bad guys and others by collecting the golden bruce lee statues. Source: