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BitJam #157

The most recent BitJam podcast is a Psygnosis edition. In this BitJam the following music: Menace, Blood Money, Shadow of the Beast, Anarchy, Awesome, Shadow of the Beast 2, The Killing Game Show, Leander, Lemmings, Agony, Aquaventura, Bill’s Tomato Game, The Carl Lewis Challenge, Ork, Shadow of the Beast 3, Globdule, Lemmings 2, Theatre of Death, Benefactor, Microcosm, Puggsy, G2…


On 22 and 23 of September the ECCC (Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention) was held in conjunction with VCFMW (Vintage Computer Festival MidWest) in Lombard, USA. You can see a collection of pictures of the meeting. A few examples of items on the show are: Flyer modem, CommodoreServer, Comet, VIC20 MIDI card, UNIVAC, SAGE, COSMAC, VAXstation etc. Website: