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Back in Time Live Announces Remix Competition

Back in Time Live Banner

Back in Time Live is a two-day mini-festival dedicated to the music and retro games from the golden era of the Commodore 64 and Amiga. It is held annually in Bergen, Norway, and features live shows, DJ sets, and a retro gaming area. The next Back in Time Live will be held on November 3-4, 2023 and will feature a…

Revision 2023 Easter Demo Party April 7th to 10th, Saarbrücken DE

  Demo Sceners all around the world are getting ready for the best party of the year, Revision 2023! For those of you that aren’t so familiar with the demo scene, A demoparty is – on the first glance – like a LAN party. Depending on the size, a few or hundreds of visitors may bring their computers and set…

Scene World Podcast Episode #162 – Frank Klepacki

Join us on this episode as we sit down with legendary video game composer and musician Frank Klepacki. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Frank has created iconic soundtracks for some of the biggest games of all time, including Command + Conquer, Dune, and Star Wars: Empire at War. Not only is he a master of electronic…

recording of Remute’s concert in the Digital Retro Park

There is a recording of Remute’s concert in the Digital Retro Park in Offenbach Germany that took place on the 14th of January 2023:  

Scene World Podcast Episode #156 – MayTree

Our new episode is a very special Xmas present! Joerg and Remute had the pleasure to interview the world-famous Acapella band MayTree! Beginning in 2021, the group began releasing a series of YouTube videos in which it covers sound effects used in computer and mobile phone systems. The first video of these series, released in January 2021, covered Windows sound…

Scene World Podcast Episode #136 – Composing for the Sega Master System with Polaria Poyon

We’re delighted to welcome Polaria Poyon in our new episode. She’s a genius composer of chiptunes for the Sega Master System and Game Gear. AJ, Joerg, and Denis get to know about her and her new projects, as well as some interesting tech insights. Enjoy the tunes and tune in! (interview begins at 23:00)  

Scene World Podcast Episode #132 – Netlabels with Simon Carless

Simon Carless is a former Amiga musician and founder/owner of the Monotonik netlabel, which rose to prominence in the late ’90s and early ’00s. Joerg and guest co-host Martin Wisniowski pick his brain about this unique time in the development of the internet, independent labels, and music distribution. (Interview begins at 19:15) There is also a video version:

Scene World Video Interview with Tommy Tallarico

It’s time for another bit of Scene World history – a talk with Tommy Tallarico: He is not only one of the most prolific game music composers of all time (think about Earthworm Jim, MDK, The Terminator, also other on the Amiga like e.g.Cool Spot on the Amiga or Aladin on the Amiga …) but also CEO of Intellivision and…

Scene World Podcast Episode #118 – Tronimal

Hello World! We are happy to have one of the most prolific Chiptune musicians in our podcast – Tronimal. He released music for the Gameboy, ZX Spectrum and even the TI-82 calculator! Besides some tech talk, the virtuoso gives us some interesting insights and talks about his upcoming projects. Interview starts at 18:12.

Scene World Podcast Episode #106 – Remute with Denis Karimani

Retro music is in right now, but few people have taken it to the lengths that Remute has, releasing his songs not just on vinyl and digital download, but also on cartridge and floppy disk (Amiga, C64, ect!) ! Joerg, Martin, and AJ talk to him about why he chose this medium, and the unique challenges associated with releasing music…