Choplifter – Arcade

0000Rotorblades spinning and engines started, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rescue hostages.

Within the deserts of the middle east, a ruthless dictator has begun a campaign of kidnapping key U.N. personnel. Storming enemy base camps and unleashing hell upon ground troops, armoured units, fighter jets and choppers, the aim is to find structures holding the hostages, clear the landing zone and get em’ outta’ there!
0002Flying your helicopter left and right, using radar mapping to assist, the action comes thick and fast as you strafe your way to the captives. Upon rescuing, taking off and avoiding anti-aircraft missiles, the destination changes as you dexterously guide your ariel weapon of destruction back to base to land and unload the rescued captives back to safety.

[youtube 0_b5od7xYoo nolink]
Get back out there pilot! There’s more out there waiting for you and if you want to avoid an international incident, we suggest you make it fast!

What on the surface appears to be a simple concept soon becomes a challenging, thrilling game to play and one we feel deserves to be fired up!

Review by Rob Joy.