Commando – Arcade (Capcom)


As a special forces operative, your mission is to infiltrate enemy lines, wreak havoc and destroy enemy outposts.
You will be dropped into dense jungles by chopper, resistance is expected to be thin as you make your way to the first objective. Your on your own so pay attention! You will be given plenty of ammunition and grenades can be picked up en route to your target’.
0008‘Commando’ was an absolute epic back in the day, an upward scrolling shooter with multi-directional fire from your machine gun and limited grenades to take out vehicles and multiple threats. Each scenario is swarming with enemy troops, firing on your position so making haste is key. Hidden in trenches, operating mortars, driving jeeps and riding motorbikes, this is one of the most dangerous missions of your career in the forces.  
0013As you evade and kill all in your path, the terrain changes, what was once an easily negated jungle quickly becomes heavily defended bridges, with troops pouring through covered by mortar fire, the margin for error becomes thinner and thinner. With your objective in sight, if you make it that far, the gates open to unleash hell! With the target reached, squads of enemy troops rush out to defend the outpost, with the general fleeing from his headquarters, this is your first target. Shooting him and others until the base is cleared of the threat is key to success as you head through the gates to your next mission.0021Missions become ever more difficult to accomplish, watchtowers, airfields and trucks filled with infantry, the threat of danger increases as you progress to your next objective. Rescuing stray hostages and destroying bunkers, as the danger increases, so does the enemy’s weaponry. Bursting from under rivers, armed with rocket launchers, your presence is now known as alarms sound, alerting garrisons to your location, all in an attempt to quash your efforts to bring down the commander at each post and close the headquarters permanently.

[youtube RA5PwfE6cbI nolink]

Rest while you can. The destruction of the enemy lies with you and no one else. You have the training, you have the talent, get to it soldier!!

Review by Rob Joy.