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To keep Vintage is The New Old running, there is a cost which we are covering because we love to talk about Retro Computing and Retro Games. However, we also accept donations from our users to help cover part of that cost. Contributions from our supporters allow us to continue running the site and to pay server costs.

On-going Support

If you feel like helping with on-going support (a monthly contribution), you can use Patreon. With Patreon, you specify the amount that will be donated every month automatically. The on-going contribution can be interrupted at any time, as you please. Just click the image below to get started!

One-time Donation

If you want to make a one-time donation, you can do it through Patreon as well by cancelling your on-going support as soon the first payment has been processed. We can also take Paypal if you prefer – for that just contact us via our page.

Thanks for your support!