Galaga 88 – Arcade

0000That’s galactic dancin’!!”

Galaga!… Let’s hear it! Right from it’s first outing Galaga was set to become an absolute classic. little did Namco know they had struck gold with what we all know and remember as one of the best arcade games of the time, “How can we improve perfection?”…. 1988 saw the company do just that with a new fired up mix goin’ by the name of ‘Galaga 88’. Hitting the arcades, it immediately drew in the crowds, and the legend was re-born.
0002With identical gameplay as it’s predecessor, the game now came with a stack of additions. The marauding aliens now would inflate when shot untill bursting into an exploding volley of fireworks, or spew out their lava which would seek you out with one purpose, your demise. Once again, the creature’s in command would fire tractor beams, attempting to steal your fighter and posess it as one of their own, aim well…. one stray shot and your stolen ship is lost for ever.
0010 After a number of waves have been dispatched you are thrown into a bonus round, with a re-mixed glockenspiel playlist and a new breed of jellyfish type baddies, waltzin’ round the screen… wastin’ the little blighter’s before they dance off gives ya’ a bonus, much like the game of old.0006Another addition to the 88 version comes in the form of collecting bomb’s, these are hidden amongst debris, such as asteroid’s or crystals, shooting these releases the weapon which is dropped at certain stages through the game, tearing a hole through the fabric of space, sucking you in on a parallel path to the giant queen alien bug, waiting to see if your either good or foolish enough to get that far! Galaga fan’s… This bugs for you..!!

[youtube _BFqCq40pz8 nolink]

Review by Rob Joy.