Green Beret – Arcade

0000As a Green Beret elite soldier, your skills and resources are required to infiltrate rogue military camps and rescue hostages. A veteren in the field, armed only with your survival knife, you are parachuted in, stealthily venuring forth behind enemy lines.

Very soon the enemy is alerted to your presence, bringing the full wrath of the garrison upon you. Controlling the action is simple, left, right, up, down, jump and fire. Timing is key as targets must be in range to stab at and take down. Its here the difficulty comes into its own, a good thing ladders sprawl the many structures and bridges of the camp, giving an advantage to avoid or engage the enemy.0010En route, many weapons can be found, ranging from grenades, flame throwers and bazookas, each coming with limited ammunition so use wisely. Mortar positions, paratroopers, multiple units make excellent targets for the weaponry on offer.0012Once a key point is reached, if indeed you survive, troop carriers roll in with units leaping out to gun you down, patrol dogs, heavy armour, the enemy stops at nothing to drop you!
A difficult yet rewarding game from 1985, the challenge will allways have you coming back for another try.

[youtube mfwChcaTQcc nolink]

After all, its why you trained for such missions.

Review by Rob Joy.