Applewin Emulator Updated

Applewin Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator for Windows has been updated.  Applewin 1.30.18, curated by Tom Charlesworth, was released with a number of changes  and bug fixes including the following: [Change #1272] New HDC firmware v2 to support returning HDD size in Y:X for status call. [@peteri] [Change #1277] Add (debug) cmd line switch to revert to HDC firmware v1: -hdc-firmware-v1….

Kansasfest Committee puts out call for Session Submissions

Kansasfest Committee puts out call for Session Submissions

From the Kansasfest Committee: While the evenings and nights of KansasFest are renowned for their spontaneity, the mornings and afternoons are reserved for sessions spanning a variety of uses, extensions, and applications of the Apple II family. Similarly, the virtual event features a variety of topics ranging from Apple II artwork to hooking your retro computer up to the internet. Just…

Alpacalypse Now Available for Download


Alpaca-themed “Alpacalypse” is a game for the Commodore 64 and is now available for download.

Dr Mortal Wombat Releases Metal Mayhem

Metal Mayhem

Metal Mayhem is a brand new vertical split-screen scrolling game for the Commodore 64 by drmortalwombat. You can play against a friend or your less friendly computer. Each battle has a limited duration, and the tank that collects more points will win. Capturing the enemy flag and returning it to your HQ gives you 1000 points, destroying the enemy tank yields…

Immortal C64 Episode 108 Released Happy Easter

immortal podcast logo

Immortal C64 Episode 108 – Happy Easter! //EMULATED SIDS// Retrograde77’s C64 has died, so the SID tunes are being emulated for now. You can support the podcast on ko-fi and follow it on Twitter at Retrograde77. It’s available in all good podcast software and directly from: Track Listing: Track Number / Start Time / Artist / Track Name /…

Apple II Desktop v1.4-alpha8 Released

Apple II Desktop v1.4-alpha8 Released

For those of you following the Apple II Desktop project, the latest alpha release is now available.  The changes in the latest version of Apple II Desktop, version 1.4 alpha 8 includes a slew of changes including the following: Changes relative to previous v1.4 alpha: DeskTop Fix corruption when exiting Shortcuts dialogs with a list view window. (#790) Reorder columns…

Metal Mayhem -C64-

 by drmortalwombat drmortalwombat: “There is a severe lack of vertical split screen scrolling games on the C64. But don’t despair, “Metal Mayhem” is out to remedy the situation by delivering an old school one on one tank game. You can play against a friend or your less friendly computer.  Each battle has a limited duration, and the tank that collects…

Penguin Attack -ZX Spectrum-

 by Pat Morita Team En Penguin Attack nos esperan 21 niveles de acción “pinguinera” para el ZX Spectrum, y de la mano del Pat Morita Team, clásicos del sistema El juego ha sido desarrollado por: Graphics: Jarlaxe (@JarlaxeRetroGa1)Code, Music & SFX:  A. Pérez (@patmorita)Testing: Perretes Group, Hicks (@HicksRetro) Destacar la calidad gráfica y acabado final del videojuego Penguin Attack puede ser comprado, aquí…


 BY ZXAMAZE Welcome to tribute to the expressionistic master piece from Robert Wiene: “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” Este nuevo trabajo de Sebastian Braunert (Cesare the Somnambule) resulta ser un título tremendamente fresco y diferente, en una combinación de aventura gráfica con laberintos y pesadillas, que recrea una ambientación única, opresiva y desafiante para el jugador Si habéis probado algún…

PAQU DELUXE – Mattel Aquarius 16K

By Loudscotsbloke PAQU DELUXE  For the Mattel Aquarius 16K, Aquarius II 16K and Aquarius Plus This is a fuller version of the 10Liner edition. Adding a few bells and whistles Roy Templeman © 2024 Source: