Fox 1996 Isthmus

Another long lost game has been recovered and released for all to check out. This is a neat multi-directional platformer preview in its early stages, with also a neat 3D Doom section!  Website:


“AmiBay is a non-profit site intended to serve the retro computing community, we provide a free and easy way for you to buy or sell your retro hardware and software. If you are looking to sell at inflated market prices then this site is not for you and you should try the established auction sites.AmiBay is run by volunteers, it…

Wanted Team

“On this page you can find many of Wanted Team’s products, mostly players for EaglePlayer, example exotic modules, and some other modules ripped or adapted by Wanted Team. Also available is source code for Wanted Team custom mods, some depackers (with source) for xfdmaster.library and some player sources.” You can also find some games there btw ;-) Website:

UADE – Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator

“UADE plays old Amiga tunes through UAE emulation and cloned m68k-assembler Eagleplayer API. UADE is Open Source compatible with Free Software definition. UADE is licensed with GNU GPL. This software would not have been possible for us to produce without the great Free Software model which allowed us to make use of years of hard work of the UAE team….

demodulate – a demo music collection

“There are sites with demos, and sites with module (MOD) music, but no sites really combining the two. Furthermore, I collect demos, and I like music, so it follows that I like collecting music from demos. “Demo music”, in the traditional sense, has a unique feel to it. Energetic, yet warm and familiar (some dare call it “cheezy” :). Here…

Infiltrator Dissasembler v1.0

Big WIN/PC tool for big disassembling of C64 files  Source:


Short: nst0002 sid disk compilationAuthor: 303bcnUploader: 303bcn gmail com (neuroflip)Type: demo/soundVersion: 2.0Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.0Distribution: Aminet nst0002 is another sid disk compilation with composers likeagemixer, booker, DRAX, jeff, laxity, PRI, Q-Man, Sonic, TBB and Wacek (96 sids). nst0002 can be installed on hd using the install script provided.Note: to install without installer, copy all files on the destination directory, fonts on fonts:…

St. Pauli – C64

Thanks to Enthusi/Onslaught in the C64 scene, the long lost St. Pauli adventure game has been found and recovered.  This is a German based adventure game written in GAC which was released in very limited numbers.It has been known about, but missing for many years and on the wanted lists of GTW64 and Gamebase for sometime.  As it has had…

AmiBridge – Icaros desktop

Paolo Besser has been working on AmiBridge scripts for Icaros. AmiBridge is used to run AmigaOS 68K applications inside AROS. In a video you can see a demonstration of the improved version of Amibridge. And there is also a hint, that there will be a new version of Icaros in the near future. Check it out here.

C64 Longplays Update have updated their database with 10 new game videos. The new entries are: ACE Air Combat (1985), Silent Service (1985), Movie Monster Game (1986), Terra Cognita (1986), Future Knight (1986), Mermaid Madness (1986), Dragon Skulle (1986), Captured (1986), Marble Madness (1986) and Bouder Dash 3 (1986). Website: