Pang – Arcade

0000Lets get this straight. A balloon popping game??! Really?

Yep’, and what a game too. It may sound ridiculous however what we have here is sheer magic. Beginning in Tokyo, your journey begins, taking you on a global adventure through the capitals of the world. The hero, a tiny ‘anime’ type figure…. in a hunting hat (??) must burst each strange marauding balloon, floating and bouncing around the scenario. Obstacles in the form of blocks, some destructible some not, often make the task in hand more difficult.0004To counter the complications several collectibles are on offer, giving much needed help as you strafe left and right, firing your harpoon gun targeting the inflated nightmares, some power ups allow time to pause, some allow razor wire to be attached to the harpoon causing a chord to be locked to the top of the screen, bursting any wafting balloon into several smaller balloons.0008As the mayhem intensifies with a myriad of smaller targets the collectibles become an essential part of play to gain the upper hand as dextrous manouvering becomes impossible so be sure to pick em’ up, no one wants to see a giant deadly balloon take down a small boy .. in a hunting hat .. (??)0019‘Pang’ is an absolute gem and as such must be played. Challenging, addictive and graphically pleasing, the game has every attribute which makes a good game great.

[youtube nPC9mFrHDr0 nolink]
Review by Rob Joy.