Rampage – Arcade

0000When monsters attack!!”

Who would of thought that in the dead of night the sleeping cities of Earth would come under attack?! Attack from three monstrous mutations! The mid 1980’s saw the release of Rampage into the arcades. A game where you or three players wreaked havoc on a tour of destruction around the globe in the form of huge, merciless monsters.
A giant Gorilla, a huge werewolf and a relentless Lizard. After choosing your denizen of destruction and reading the press headlines “City under attack! Who will save us?!” You are thrown in at the deep end, facing the national guard and all its equipment, from tanks to helicopters, soldiers leaning out skyscraper windows, shooting and throwing grenades in an attempt to save the screaming citizens below and inside the various buildings, buildings which if punched or kicked often enough in the right places can come crashing down with all inside coming to an untimely end.
Be careful what you grab! …Situated through windows are various items, some hazardous objects, such as firey chilli sauce bottles or cactus plants can cause harm, however there are a few items to restore your health, the trick is to know which of these ‘smash n’ grabs’ are vital to you as you reach in windows, grab and eat your way through the inhabitants trying desperately to escape.

[youtube Au7UYaqpJw8 nolink]

The onus here is on achieving maximum destruction, from smashing tramcars across the streets, crushing cars below to climbing the dizzy heights of towering city blocks to knock out miltary hardware dropping payloads to take you down. An excellent, smashtastic romp of rampage! Superb as a one player… Apocalyptic as a multiplayer!

Review by Rob Joy.