Asteroids – Arcade

0001The year, 1979. The place, deep space.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rid the heavens of rogue asteroids which have lost their gravitational integrity from the belt within the solar system.

With a simple control method, rotating left, right, thrust and fire, and the option of a hyperspace function, which we’ll get to later on, the arena is set for one of the all time classics.
Keeping with the physics of inter stellar flight, gravity, or lack of is either your greatest ally or your greatest downfall (no pun intended.) The slightest burst of acceleration and your ship screams across the hazardous rock filled screen, leaving an accurate burst of power in opposite directions needed to regain some sort of control to turn and blast gigantic rock formations.0011Threading your vessel, dodging, firing, becomes more endangering as fragments and shards splinter away from targets, firing off in different directions, making your task a more deadly affair.
It’s here we bring in the hyperspace utility, essentially teleporting your ship out of multiple, unavoidable dangers. Use wisely, there is no way of knowing your intended destination once used and can leave you in the path of gargantuan trouble, are you feeling lucky?

[youtube WYSupJ5r2zo nolink]

Within these swirling fields of destruction lies the incentive behind the cause of the cosmic crisis. Orchestrating the onslaught, disc like vessels swarm in, intent on your demise and that of the planet Earth. Varying in size, their cannons are just as deadly so priority must be taken to destroy this threat, reaping the rewards in obtaining precious reinforcements in the guise of a new vessel every 10,000 points.

This tense, strung out and fraught with danger title will test the metal of any gamer  and still stands in the hall of fame today as one of the greats.

Review by Rob Joy.