Batman: The Caped Crusader – Commodore 64

btccBatman: The Caped Crusader is an arcade adventure which uses a unique style of gameplay, innovated by Jonathon Smith and Charles Davies, to display the action as though it takes place in a comic book. The idea is to portray each location visited in the guise of an action bubble, overlapping when another area is ventured into. A clever, original idea which made the experience authentic and stylish belonging to the whole Dark Knight experience.

Another notable feature was that the whole adventure was divided into two independent playable parts in which our hero is faced with two of his most terrifying adversaries.
“A bird in the hand” featuring the Penguin and “A fate worse than death” which involves the Joker.
The dynamic is one of graphical action adventure, using punches, kicks and the infamous batarang, which is thrown at the hired goons, crooks and villains.

The game is not as straight forward as one might think with a plethora of puzzles to navigate, locked doors to find a way through and an icon driven system to choose and use items picked up along the way, such as keys, disks, weapons, including many other consumables all cleverly placed and simple to scroll the tools over the designated action.

With deadly toy soldiers, clockwork penguins and many other deadly devices used by the ruthless ringleaders, the form remains true to the style of Gotham’s worst.
Sound, as to be expected, is used to its full potential on the Commodore 64 and indeed the graphics and colour are also pleasing and stylish while remaining true to the DC visuals.

A true classic, favourited by many fans of Batman and indeed many gamers who still appreciate those golden moments from the classic era of home computers and gaming. Worth a load up and still bringing the smiles.

[youtube 2EhPUvEx7DE nolink]

Developer: Special FX Software Ltd.
Publisher: Ocean Software, Data East.
Platform: Commodore 64.
Release date: 1988.
Genre: Action Adventure.
Mode: Single Player.

Box Art: BatmanTheCapedCrusader.jpg
Review by Rob Joy.