Battlezone – Arcade

0010“Scope your targets!”

Atari, back in the late 20th century, released what was to be a new dawn in armoured warfare gaming.

0024Battlezone. A game of tank combat taking place in a virtual landscape composed of geometric terrains and distant mountains. Using the vector graphic approach, the driver of the tank would use two joysticks for full simulation of armoured vehicle movement. Being able to move around the terrain scoping enemy combatants through a mounted target gun-scope, a full experience was manifest in front of the player.0028With radar positions, the targets would appear one after the other, driving forward to meet your position and unleash hell. A clever use of tactics is paramount, the artificial intelligence was high in this experience, giving the word challenge a whole new meaning, especially at the discovery of advanced weaponry from the enemy, such as ‘Super Tanks’ and ‘Homing Missiles’, each with deadly precision in an attempt to leave your screen and vehicle cracked and damaged beyond repair. Think fast! Aim fast! Time is of the essence amongst the erupting volcano’s and ethereal landscape.0026This release from Atari was one of the best back in the day and still holds fast through the ages as one of the most original and challenging video game experiences, and one which sets the standards in imaginative gaming writing, and as such deserves high praise.

[youtube 85beSSdLb-0 nolink]

Review by Rob Joy.