Boot Hill – Arcade

0000In a time of beans n’ guns! DRAW!

During the dawn of arcade gaming saw the release of ‘Boot Hill’. A game centered around the theme of the wild west.

Boot Hill, being the infamous cemetery where gunfighting cowboys would fight it out to the death with six shooters and wild abandon.

Bringing a piece of history to the arcade experience, players, be it one or two, would slug it out amongst the cleverly projected background of both cactus and wagons. With six rounds and eight way movement, the onus is on the demise of your foe.

0005Given the time of release, the late 1970’s, the graphics of the experience are indeed those of the time, however this didn’t thwart the throng of early arcade enthusiasts, queuing for the title of the fastest gun, leading to the game becoming a classic due to the original and simplistic gameplay.

[youtube fgApD230E0I nolink]

Worth a trip back in time to unholster your Colt and own the west!

Review by Rob Joy.