Centipede – Arcade

0000“Danger in the undergrowth!”

Nature at its wildest, Centipede was a clever yet simple game in which the action took place within the microscopic world of wildlife.0001Creepy crawlies, and lots of them, king of which is the centipede. Controlling a tiny vessel, using the trackball method and fire, the goal is to clear the dense undergrowth of each stage. Starting simple at first, a small centipede crawls through a path of fungi, eerily seeking you out. Furiously scrolling around, blasting away at the creature would leave segments morphing into more fungus, filling the screen with more organic obstacles, which require more rapid fire to clear a path just to reach other insects and bugs, such swift moving spiders, scorpions, worms and a myriad of natures nightmares.0006As the game progresses, so does the difficulty. Creatures become more deadly as their purpose becomes more clear, your destruction! The centipedes grow and disperse, leaving multiple tiny targets, leaving your best strategy to take on the creature headfirst as it descends as not to separate the fiendish foe.

[youtube V7XEmf02zEM nolink]

A frantic shooter, Centipede gathered large crowds back in the day to suck the adrenaline out of players, giving a competitive lure to come back again and again, to reach that illusive top ranking position.

Miniscule madness! The essence of what made a simple game great!

Review by Rob Joy.