Cybertron Mission by Program Power

Walls of Electrickery! – Cybertron Mission by Program Power

Travel with me back to 1984. You have your spanking new Acorn Electron and have enjoyed the fare that is on offer and had some fun, but you remember playing Berzerk in the arcades a few years back and the spin-off Shamus on your mates Atari puter and you fancy a bit of that on your Elk. You pine for a game full of bright colours and simple-yet-addictive gameplay….
well, look no further than Cybertron Mission by Program (Micro) Power!!
220300-cybertron-mission-electron-front-coverThis game takes the familiar storyline of the arcade classic and tweaks it a bit; there’s still a lot of button-mashing-enemy-smashing to be done, but you also have to locate various items on each level, with each level bring extra, trickier, enemies out for blood too.

CM2The things you need to watch out for are:

the Spook – he won’t appear unless you’re on a particular screen for too long; stay any more than 25 seconds or so and he swoops in and destroys you.

the Spinners – these are present right from Room 1:01, these critters are fun to blast and are actually harmless if you stand completely still… but who has time for that with a scary Spook about?

Clones – after your blood right from Level 2, these sleek robots fire randomly in the direction they are facing.

Cyberdroids – Level 3 sees the introduction of these crazies; they will actually aim at you when they fire so keep alert!

the Safe and the Key – you may have found the Safe but do you have the Key to open it and progress to the next level?

the Ring and the Pot of Gold – as the levels progress you have to find these extra loot items.

CM3There’s lots of action going on in this game, and the random locations of the items you have to find keeps you on your toes. As far as I know, the game doesn’t have a completion point; I think it just keeps getting harder exponentially!

In line with many other Electron games the sound effects are minimal, but still pretty effective actually – especially when you get fried by the electrified walls! The graphics are bright and colourful and quite satisfying to watch, all this comes together beautifully with the fact that the game has the option of Plus 1 joystick control; this analogue joystick works perfectly here! It’s a great feeling when you’re surrounded by Spinners, closing in on you, and you can just do a 360 and blast them all to oblivion!
CM4Playing this game, you don’t really think about the fact that there is no long drawn-out plot or massive Cast list – the action grabs you and draws you in. If you didn’t have it BITD, or you did and you don’t now, grab it and play it… You’ll love it!


[youtube sQ0rGboeOL0 nolink]

Written by Stuart Johns