Dig Dug – Arcade

0026There’s trouble round the back..
Who would have thought that gardening could be so dangerous?

Dig Dug is just that. Armed with an oxygen tank on your back and harpoon attached to a hose, you dig deep underground, seeking out the unnatural wildlife which has been left to thrive in an unattended back yard. Who’s chasing who?
0003Well, straight away you’re navigating up, down, left, right for a time, chasing down the bugs to skewer them with your harpoon and hit the fire button to inflate the creature’s to such a point as the inevitable happens… Yep’.. “POP!” This is the aim of the game, to clear each garden of it’s denizen’s of doom, either by filling them with air or by craftily attracting their attention enough so they unwittingly follow you through a holed out burrow where you can drop an unearthed rock on them.

[youtube 7no4Kilk5BY nolink]

This is a dangerous way of taking them out as you must be quick to avoid the loose, shaking boulder unless you wanna’ get squished yourself with the bug! Bonuses appear in the form of vegetable’s and fruit which can be collected by digging a pathway through them, which adds to your score in what can only be described as a bought of extreme gardenin’. As your oxygen (time) runs out, any remaining bad guy’s try to escape by charging to the surface away from you. Quick!… Get after em’!, other garden’s need clearin’! So, suit up and be careful down there….!

Review by Rob Joy.