Donkey Kong – Arcade

0002The year is 1981 and Nintendo release Donkey Kong!

Donkey Kong?! What sort of name is that for a game? Well ‘Kong’ being the main clue as the focus is on a rampaging giant gorilla, a gorilla intent on the kidnapping and capture of that ever crazy female, lost in her tracks inviting abduction.
0003Enter our hero, a plumber! Yep’, you’ve guessed it. This was Mario’s first appearance in the realm of video games and true to form, our hero sets out to rescue… could it possibly be daisy? Climbing ladders and jumping over barrels, tossed down the network of girders by Kong himself, lurking at the very top of the metallic maze, the perils come thick and fast.0000Time is of the essence here as any barrels avoided run into a vat of burning oil, creating a fireball working its way back to burn you to a crisp and thwart your efforts. Choosing the right path to the top is paramount as missing rungs in ladders can lead to all sorts of strife, especially when attempting to reach the illusive hammer to smash down barrels for extra score.

[youtube tYmbVSL9294#t=16 nolink]

A very simple experience with many varying levels on offer but one which would become a classic and has stood the test of time even today as one of the most playable games in history, and one which Nintendo enthusiasts still swear by, in more ways than one!

“How high can you get!”

Review by Rob Joy.