Double Dragon – Arcade

0001A time of ‘Rap’. A time of big shoulder pads. A time of gang warfare. It’s the 1980’s!
Technos, no not a common name in the arcade annuls of time, however Double Dragon indeed was.0009 A sideways scrolling beat em’ up, cutting many a fine move. Flying kicks, headbutts, punches and elbows, the list is endless as yes you’ve guessed it, another crazy girl has got herself kidnapped, however we won’t let that spoil the story.0012As our friends come into focus, or indeed if the storyline goes solo, the action begins in the back alleys of a down town urban sprawl. Thugs and gang bangers leap from walls as you venture forth into their turf, armed with baseball bats, knives and sticks, ready to take you down in an all out violent brawl.0015Whipping vixens and hulking psychopaths to mention but a few of the throng of deadly urban warriors with one singular purpose as the action soon intensifies, a good thing these weapons may be used against their previous owners as swinging bats and stabbing soon becomes part of play. Hey, we never said this game was tame.0019Jumping high onto platforms and descending on lifts, the landscape spans through many arenas, as do the objects to use in the fight. Barrels, crates, it seems as if anything can be used, and why not, this is indeed one deadly gaming experience. Traps to be avoided, checkpoints to be reached, its all here, wrapped up in the perfect arcade beat em’ up. As a one player it’s superb, as a two player… We won’t spoil the surprise.0020An absolute classic which installed the benchmark of all video game fighters and rightly deserves a place in the golden moments of arcade video game history.

[youtube _ZXEWjpeDQY nolink]

“Who gets the girl? you decide!”

Review by Rob Joy.

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