Galaxian – Arcade

0000The year was 1979. The place? Deep inter-stellar space.

Far away from Earth in a region unknown, an armarda of alien biological terrors gather in mass to invade. Armed only with three fighters, the mission is to clear wave upon wave of the marauding horde. No simple task as the game soon comes into it’s own as squadrons of kamikaze creatures peel away and dive downwards onto your position, unleashing missiles on the way. Using left, right and fire, reflexes are paramount as the accuracy and speed of the enemy intensifies as their numbers dwindle within the wave. Outnumbered, outgunned, will the onslaught never end?!0001A similar dynamic as Space Invaders, and around at the same time, the game was one of the first to utilize three colours on the screen at the same time without the aid of plastic overlays, giving false impressions. The whining screech of dive bombers and the ferocity of the game are just a few of the new features which was incorporated in this classic.
Tactics, yes tactics come into play here as yet another difference in gameplay reveals itself. Situated at the top of each wave are flag ships, ships which are guarded by the myriad creatures below. If taken out then these give a higher score than the rest, however, it is when they dive to attack, surrounded by wingmen that a higher score bonus is given, as is the case with the rest of the fleet. It takes a brave pilot to take the gamble and wait for the dive to obtain the highest of scores and achieve the highest of rankings on the leaderboard.

[youtube lNysvgx0vV0 nolink]

A true classic which has never been forgotten within the memories of every gamer and must be re-visited often, if only just to keep the adrenaline levels topped up.

Review by Rob Joy.