Gauntlet II – Arcade

Indeed, welcome back to the labyrinths of Gauntlet, Gauntlet II to be precise.

1986 saw Atari release the sequel to the classic ‘Gauntlet’ back into the arcades.

As if we never spent enough credits on health right? Well if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and Atari once again pulled out all the stops to improve on perfection. How can this be done? No small task as Gauntlet pierced the heart of many a gamer.0008All the original key factors are still in play, health, potions, food, etc, plus a few tweaks here and there to give more to the player experiencing the quest.

A plethora of potions are available for collection to increase and affect the characters weaponry. Reflective, rebounding, the list is quite long and necessary for the players against enemies old and new.0013Progress through the ever complex levels is no simple task as soon the differences in the game become apparent, for example, a swirling green ooze in pursuit of players to lock on and spread its virus thus making them a priority target for foes, unless of course you can make it to another player and tag their flesh with the contagion and force them to be the prey. A clever idea which is one of many new creative inventions to add to the thrill and suspense of the game.0014As always, bonus rounds are encountered giving a timed entrance to treasure halls with valuable items and gold so be sure to be quick and leave in the allotted time or…

Ghosts, Grunts, Lobbers and more are still present with new recruits from the darkness, all in the way of glory so be on your guard, and remember don’t shoot food!

[youtube P6ilg93XTss nolink]

“Do you know what is out there? The Dragon! It is everywhere…”

Review by Rob Joy.

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