Gorf! – Arcade

0000“Wierd! It’s like they took all the classics and mashed it up!”

Yep’! Thats exactly what we have here. Gorf was released around the same time as Galaxian and Invaders, important clues giving that away are the several levels on offer.
Beginning with invaders being dropped from the mother ship, your vessel (straight from Galaxian) swerves left and right, with the occasional upward movement, in an attempt to clear the wave to progress to the next stage. Bombs and missiles are your main threat here, a good thing a domed shield is in place giving vital cover.
0002Proceeding levels include a Galaxian wave (You get the jist) and Laser attack, which is sort of a Galaga type affair with diving squadrons of alien nightmares, guarding ships armed with powerful laser cannons, targeting your very existance. Think fast or incineration awaits.   
0003Finally, the enemy’s flagship of the armarda comes into play. A vast battle cruiser, protected by its shields to inhibit any sort of attack to its only weak spot.

[youtube JV8MHqxHM_k nolink]

Blasting away at the outer hull of the dreadnaught is the one and only way to break through to the glowing core drive of the behemoth and place that one deadly shot to blast it out of the stars.

Fight well pilot! You’re Earth’s last hope!!

Review by Rob Joy.