Hyper Sports – Arcade

hyper_title“How fast can you run? As fast as a leopard.”
“How fast are ya’ gonna’ run? AS FAST AS A LEOPARD!”

The early 80’s saw many classic arcade video games, some were shooters, some were maze chasers, however one game stood alone on the podium for it’s multiplayer competitive edge over the myriad offerings in the arcades.

1984 Konami released ‘ Hyper Sports’. A one to four player olympic events game whereby each player would compete for glory across many disciplines including swimming, archery, gymnastic vaulting and skeet shooting, with more events opening up once a qualifying target time or score had been reached.Hyper01The eye pleasing graphics and voice overs from the judges added to the atmosphere of the manic button bashing which ensued. It’s at this point we would like to iterate that this is not as easy as it sounds. With sheer speed playing a part in such events as swimming, timing also plays an important factor as a swimmer must breath between strokes, miss the opportunity for a gulp of air and your race can be left in ruins as drinking the water from the pool is not an option and if you wish to qualify for the next event, make sure you’re fit enough to make it through.
hyper02Different events require varying techniques of control, such as the left and right button being used in the skeet event to blast clay pigeons once in the gun sights and timing a perfect landing in the vault to avoid shaming yourself in front of the world by crashing down unceremoniously. Hyper03Obviously, as new disciplines unfold, mastery of the method is paramount if you wish to attain global glory and successfully fend off the competition.
Hyper04An added incentive is the world records table on display for each event, permanently saving the players initials and time/score for that specific event. This leaves the replay value infinitely open for a visit time and time again, earning the title ‘classic’ for a such a great game and one that deserves high praise.   hyper05As a single player the game is superb, as a multiplayer, it’s epic!

[youtube G2fH_fWzhkE nolink]

“If you don’t run, you can’t win.” –  Chariots of Fire.

Review by Rob Joy.