Marble Madness – Arcade

0003“Wow! What’s that noise?!”

It’s the mid 80’s and the arcades are alive! After a period of vector graphics, shoot em ups, marauding aliens and hungry yella’ fella’s chasing ghosts, came a new era in arcade game experiences. ”Marble Madness”.

The first thing you’re aware of is the sound. The cabinet came with huge bass speakers, booming out decibels of what was then next gen sound. From explosions of bass to a symphony of keyboards, all perfectly complimenting each level. One of the earlier games to use the trackball method, you are in control of a glass marble which you would have to navigate through a series of unforgiving 3D mazes, each consisting of ramps, slopes, narrow causeways and bridges. Initially this would appear to be simple, however things are made even more difficult by the presence of strange creatures gloopin’ around trying to devour you or rogue marbles following your every move whilst trying to knock you from great heights down to oblivion below.0004These are just a few of the perils that lurk around every turn. Mazes consisted of traps, rods that would push you off course, drawbridges that if crossed at the wrong time could result in a fatal fall or catapult you across to another section of the maze. Short-cuts can be found in the form of pipes, hurling your sphere down to lower sections, gaining ground to the illusive goal, which is your ultimate… “goal”.0006Things are yet again made difficult with a time limit which ebbs away, giving you that extra sense of dread! The game’s quirks and mechanisms are the driving force that adds to the fun factor of the game, initiating a very addictive experience, if not an extremely challenging affair. So if you’re not afraid of a little broken glass or heights…

[youtube WZYN277s10o nolink]

Insert coin! Hit start and enjoy!!

Review by Rob Joy.