Moon Cresta – Arcade

0000“Nichi, who?!”

Nichibutsu, a relatively unknown company in the world of arcade gaming, unleashed this shooter into the halls of gaming entertainment, and what an offering it was.

The first thing to pay attention to is the similarity to other types of the genre such as ‘Galaxian’ etc. That’s where the vein ends as it soon becomes apparent that this is a totally different experience altogether.0002Wave after wave of alien attack are encountered in the guise of hybrid bird like creatures intent on the demise of your vessel below.

Standard physics apply, left, right and fire giving a feel of fluid movement as the onslaught ensues amongst the screams from the creatures above.

“When will they stop?!”0003… They don’t!

Only when the first plethora of waves are despatched will a brief respite occur, and then it’s only to navigate your vessel in an attempt to dock with a sister ship, waiting in the wings to increase firepower.0004If successful given the allotted fuel and the ships are coupled together, the battle rages on. Deadly missiles, streaming meteors, avoid or destroy the choice is yours if the next docking point is to be reached to gain access to the final piece of your weaponry, thus creating a devastating blast radius of heavy weaponry to devastate your foe.

[youtube sGyh5ydhzGw nolink]

A seldom heard of arcade experience which is indeed unfortunate as ‘Moon Cresta’ comes highly recommended as a first class shooter amongst the greats.

Review by Rob Joy.