Ms. Pac-Man – Arcade

0001“Wacca Wacca! Pac-Man has a missus!”

Namco, after releasing Pac-Man, decided to follow-up with a love affair, a love that would last through the decades of time.
0004‘Ms. Pac-Man’. A similar offering with subtle differences, such as varying maze patterns, with tunnels leading to the side of the maze, long eye lashes, lipstick and a cute little ribbon in Ms. Pac’s….. hair??

The onus once again being on the devouring of pellets and power pills and the consumption of fruit, the dynamic remains the same. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”
0011Tactics vary with each changing scenario and a higher degree of intelligence in the souls of each of the familiar ghosts, the game is just as addictive as the original.
0007 This is a must for any collector of the Pac-Man series and for any classic or retro arcade game enthusiast, if not just for the pink mazes.

[youtube rRyx_9JLvQo nolink]

Review by Rob Joy.