Nastar – Arcade

0000Anybody out there remember ‘Rastan Saga’?
The awesome Conan type adventure scrolling type thingy?
0002Well guess what, it had a sequel. “Excellent!” We hear you shout. Well think again. The only similarity we can come up with is…. It has a sword. Ok, ok.. I suppose there are some good points like… It’s a game and… you can play it and hit things, however, the sheer lack of fluid movement and shocking graphics just add to the frustration as the whole physics of the experience just doesn’t flow.
0005With poor animation and some of the worst programming I have ever seen, the one recommendation I can make is that you avoid this offering completely and stick with the fantastic prequel. Of course this is just my opinion and some of you out there may really enjoy it, but seriously, what was you thinking Taito?

[youtube _XWM_yuPSNo nolink]

Tell us, we need an explanation why you chose to employ programmers who’s only desire was to rush this out as fast as possible to maybe focus sweeping out their caves. Come on Taito!!! REALLY?!

Review by Rob Joy.