The Newzealand Story – Arcade

00001988 Taito. Yep’! Taito.

We are all aware of Taito’s success. The many classics they have given us in the late 20th century. If not then check out the other articles on offer. This however, Newzealand Story, was a very unique choice of game.

A game of kiwis, seals, snails… The list is endless.

As a simple platform adventure, the surreal setting takes place on the island of Newzealand and as a young chick, thats right, a young yellow cute baby chick, your quest is to rescue your imprisoned friends, captured by who knows what?!0001Moving left, right, and fluttering around with your trusty bow, we said things are strange, the gameplay is simple yet very addictive as the onus is on taking out the many cute denizens of cute’dom, is that a word? Hey we may as well throw it in as this is one strange, fun game.0002A gigantic seal, we warned you, has kidnapped all your friends from the zoo and you alone are tasked with their freedom. Jumping onto platforms and ledges, avoiding spikes below and above, the adventure is no simple one as it soon becomes apparent that these roaming cuties are in fact deadly and in hot pursuit of your feathered behind to stop you in your aim.0004Of course there are items to aid you, such as flying plinths, a choice of weaponry to be collected, bonus letters to relinquish extra lives and… you get the picture.

As with any good platformer the world is divided up into scenes with each chapter, giving the game longevity and offering a huge expanse of story.0003Addiction is the key word here as what was once thought to be a nightmare combination soon becomes a great game and one which is seldom remembered unfortunately, as this arcade experience is indeed one of the most fun, enjoyable games of the late 80’s.

[youtube ldGGdTheJmA nolink]

You’ve done it again Taito, thank you!

Review by Rob Joy.