North & South – Amiga

North & South (1989)(Infogrames)(M5)[cr QTX]_001“What’s so civil about war anyway?”

Infogrames produced an absolute classic for the commodore Amiga back in 1989. North and South, a strategic wargame set in the deadliest part of America’s history, the civil war.

Are we sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.
During the early 1890’s in the U.S., the country was divided in its opinions and policies. The Union, or the North desired a new way, a way of freedom, a way of ….. Wow this is boring!

What a fantastic game!North & South (1989)(Infogrames)(M5)[cr QTX]_005What could be more fun than to actualise the whole campaign in its simplest form, a cartoon type affair, however leaving the strategy element intact the game itself runs smoothly and is sublime.

As with any wargame, the onus is on capturing territories and reaping the rewards of the land. Be it rail networks, supplying gold for valuable resources or coastal ports for delivery of vital reinforcements.North & South (1989)(Infogrames)(M5)[cr QTX]_008Standard units are available for your… ‘ahem’, disposal. Artillery, infantry and cavalry, each with their own set of unique formations and attack methods, adding to the tactical use of the land and its varying scenarios. Bridges to cross, rivers and farmhouses to take cover behind, the battlefield soon becomes awash with craters from cannon fire and the fallen from each side.North & South (1989)(Infogrames)(M5)[cr QTX]_010Options are available to alter the settings of each campaign from a one player or two and giving rise to native Indian attack if sacred earth is invaded and Mexican bandits laying in wait along the border, be sure to leave hastily once a state is sacked or the wrath of angry neighbours will bear itself down upon any stray battalions.North & South (1989)(Infogrames)(M5)[cr QTX]_011Once the real time battles are complete it’s back to the turn based map to cunningly plan your next move.North & South (1989)(Infogrames)(M5)[cr QTX]_013Colourful, easy on the eye graphics with authentic sounds of bugle and battle, the experience is one of the most unique and remembered classics from the time and deservedly so as the game can be revisited even with the fun factor still intact.

We urge you… Nay we implore you to reboot this classic as you will not be disappointed.

[youtube CHcoemBuUZ0 nolink]

“Keep your powder dry and sound the charge!!”

Review by Rob Joy.

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