Operation Wolf – Arcade

0002“Operation initiated!” Location, classified! Operation status…Active!

Taito unleashed a hail of lead in the guise of Operation Wolf back in the late 80’s and it was to be the beginning of a new era in arcade shooters.
0012With a mounted, pivoted sub-machine gun and side trigger for launching rocket-propelled grenades, the action took place across many combat zones. A village in the middle of dense jungle and hazardous rivers filled with patrol boats to name but a few.

Cleverly scrolling left or right and even forwards, the mission is to rescue hostages located in prison cells or running around in a state of panic. No simple task as enemy troops pour from barracks, all with one goal in mind, your death!0063Armed with a limited number of magazines and rockets, which incidentally are vital for taking out the many vehicles such as choppers, trucks and A.P.C.’s, your struggle is a valiant yet dangerous one and ammunition soon becomes dangerously low. Keep your eyes peeled for spare ammo, which can be found and picked up from dead enemies and hidden in secret locations.0069Health is indicated by a glowing bar along the side of the screen segmented into blocks and can be replenished either by completing a level or by firing at health items strewn about the arena of play, again essential if any progress is to be made and successfully complete the mission at hand.0083The gun itself came with a kick as rounds are fired and the sights worked perfectly as the stock of the weapon rested neatly into the shoulder, giving a sense of great realism to the game, yet another reason why this arcade offering was such an enjoyable experience.
0129So strap on your boots! Get your gear! Lock and load! Leave your dog tags behind!

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Review by Rob Joy.