Pac-Land – Arcade

0000“What in the name of…?”

Yes! Pac Man is back! Not only is he back, he’s now embarking on a crusade through a world filled with perilous pitfalls and horrific hazards, strewn across a myriad of levels.

Namco, famous for the Pac’, released Pac-Land in an attempt to change the dynamic into a platform adventure, this worked really well as all the components are there, the ghosts, the pellets and bonus pellets, however thrown into the mix are towns, forests, deep chasms and… We won’t commit to any kind of spoiler alert.0000Beginning your adventure the control of the game flows very well, left, right and jump, oh’ and sprinting by tapping the joystick in the desired direction.

Many secrets and bonuses are to be found, floating in windows inside houses, charging against water pumps and… Again, any sort of spoiler will simply not be tolerated!

Cars! yes cars come hurtling toward you with the ghoulish ghosts behind the wheel. Seems odd?!

Who cares, this is Pac Man!0001Things take a turn for the surreal as floating female ghosts roam the roof tops, all trying to halt your attempts to progress to the forests where the danger continues. All your dexterity is needed to traverse crumbling log bridges and to navigate the tricky stumps of fallen trees while always keeping an eye on the time to complete the stage.

Jump high! Earn your boots! Eat your pellets! you have been warned.

With a compelling soundtrack and bright colourful graphics, this game is an absolute joy to play and comes fully recommended.

Namco… Thank you for the memory!

[youtube X9-dT8NJRdo nolink]

Review by Rob Joy.

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