Pole Position – Arcade

0000“Drivers… Start your engines!!”

Namco, 1982. The arcade grand prix experience.0001Pole Position. A racing game which “pits” (excuse the pun) against the worlds best in a fast and furious grand prix across circuits from around the globe.

Fighting for that illusive pole or first place on the grid during a timed qualifying session, the tension mounts as other drivers vie for domination while avoiding hazardous puddles on the track.0010Upon completion of the qualifying phase, drivers line up ready for the green light. Selecting the correct gear, foot ready on the gas and holding onto the wheel, the pressure increases as the lights turn green.

“Go Go GO!!!”0002Frantically racing from the start line, the time once again ebbs away, adding to the pressure of gaining position and completing the race. Precariously avoiding track hazards, opposing drivers and billboards on the side of the track, the competition is fierce as the finish line approaches.

[youtube LzVnuNlrZi4 nolink]

With colourful graphics, simple yet challenging gameplay, Namco indeed released an absolute gem and one which spawned a generation of racing arcade classics, all thanks to this revved up title.

“Prepare to Qualify!”

Review by Rob Joy.