Rally x – Arcade

0001Smoke out your tail pipe.

You’re on your way to pick up fish n’ chips from the local chippy when it hits ya’ “What’s this?”… Insert coin. Ok, I will!
Rally X is the name of the game and the aim of the game? Well it’s a neat idea that puts you in control of a race car, racing around a maze. Sounds easy? Well things would be if you weren’t being hunted down by other cars, who by the way, seem to take things personally and work as a team.0005Around the maze are flags which need to be collected to progress to the next level. To help find the flags is a radar situated on the right of the screen which you find yourself glancing at just to watch the bad guys close in from different routes on your way to pick up the flags.0008Right, let’s then throw in hazardous rocks, dotted about the place to avoid while all this is going on. Controls are the standard up, down, left, right, with a button for activating smoke. Blowing smoke out your tail pipe slows down any pursuing car by bringing them into a spin for a time until they gain control and begin tracking you down once again, but don’t rely on this too much. Just to make things nasty you have a limited supply of fuel, which slowly burns off whilst racing to pick up those flags.

[youtube TdLATjA5cn8 nolink]

Every time you hit the smoke another gallon of fuel burns away, limiting the time you have to succeed and progress to that illusive next level. So… Insert your coin. It’s a classic.

Review by Rob Joy.