Super Space Invaders 91 – Arcade

0000Lets go back to the beginning… Space invaders. Before you cry “Really? Again?!”… I am in fact talking about the rebooted version. ‘Super Space Invaders 91’.

In a time when arcades were churning out new side scrollers, platformers and shoot em’ ups, out of the blue came this updated blast from the past like a vengeful white pixelated alien. The physics of the game remain the same and the sound… ah’ yes, the sound! As before the threatening bass march begins alongside a multitude of graphical backdrops encouraging  you to begin the slaughter.0031The usual method of controls are present, left, right and fire, however a new addition are those illusive power ups. Upon destroying a U.F.O, an item is dropped from the sky easing your struggle, be it a double shot, time freeze, shields, defensive bunkers to swarm missiles and laser blasts which can take out entire columns.0069A few stages into the game and the invaders start seperating when shot, adding to the ‘gulp’ factor. As if this wasn’t enough, they then increase in size, making the action more frantic, not helped of course by those ever present bass booms from the speakers. Bonus stages come in the form of cattle abduction; this is a vey clever and funny interlude.0107As the aliens beam up cows, your job is to shoot down the onslaught and stop the horrific agricultural kidnapping. The higher the target scales on the screen, the higher the bonus points you receive. Better to experience this game for yourselves of course, if not just to witness the huge end of level dreadnaughts which keep you coming back, time and time again.

[youtube Q-w2jDGILDA nolink]

A true classic!….. Again!

Review by Rob Joy.