Super Sprint – Arcade

0000Atari 1986.

Here we have a racing game based on an old black and white classic from the late 70’s.

All things required are in place for an awesome arcade experience. Steering wheel, gas pedal etc, and the added bonus of a multi-player function, giving three players the option to hone their skills against each other or race against computer operated drone cars.0010After selecting which car to take control of, the action ensues by steering to the desired course layout ahead and hitting the gas, once entered, the game begins with the cars lined up on the starting grid.0001“3, 2, 1, GO!”

As the cars launch off the line, the action from a top down perspective, starts. Winding bends and hazards lie ahead, oil slicks, short cuts and cones to name but a few, not mention the ever-present threat of the competing vehicles all in pursuit of glory.0012Once a race is complete after the allotted laps, the player is led to the pits, where credits collected in the guise of wrenches can be spent. Traction, top speed, acceleration, you know the drill, all aiding in the construction of the perfect set up to compete in the many races ahead.0015Be sure to aim for the win as finishing to low down the field can result in the end of the race and indeed the game, just one of the many reasons that make this offering a simple yet smooth, excellent video game experience.

[youtube _uUm3-xulTY nolink]

Excellent as a one player, sheer genius as a multi-player. This game truly deserves a place in the golden age of arcade gaming.

Review by Rob Joy.