Tapper/Root Beer Tapper – Arcade

0000Remembering a not widely known classic at RAM going by the name of Tapper.
In 1984 Midway games released a game to the arcades which would create panic and frustration everywhere.

Essentially being a barman or ‘Tapper’, your goal was to quench the thirst of patriots in a bar. Hmmm… Simple. Well think again! Sure things start off simple enough, beginning in the wild west, serving to townsfolk and cowboys casually strolling in demanding to be served. At the opposite side of the bar, yourself, pulling on the tap under the barrel to fill the glasses and slide them along the surface to their grabbing hands. Once finished the glass is hurled back at you, ready for another if they haven’t had enough, you drop that glass, your on a warning! Drop 3 your out of a job!! So speed is key here as you move up and down the several bars catching empties and sliding beer. 0001Still sound easy? Not when behind a customer comes another, and another, and another!! The idea being to clean out the bar of patrons by sending them back through the doors once replenished thus clearing the level. A few may even leave tips on the bar for you, when things get too frantic collecting tips by running down the bar will bring on the dancing girls, distracting the drinkers for a short while, this is a great chance to collect the empties, serve a few that aren’t watching to get em’ out that door so make sure ya collect tips, after all, you’ve earned it, just be sure to serve the right people here because if they’re not watching and a glass slides by, that’s another warning! 0003Bonus stages come in the form of ‘cup under ball’ games at various stages between levels, whereby a ball is placed under a cup and shuffled with other empty cups before your eyes, leaving you to follow where it goes and choose the correct vessel, choose wisely because the wrong cup can leave you drenched in nothing but embarrassment and beer!!
0008 As you progress through the many changing scenarios and time zones, things get more frantic, from fair grounds to night clubs, will these people ever stop?!

[youtube 5MTWbbYojMI nolink]

A simple concept which will have you screaming for… Not more so to speak ;-) … and yet an extremely challenging and rewarding game.
So if ya’ think ya’ can handle the pressure.. Punch in and get servin’!! This games for you!

Review by Rob Joy.