Tetris – Arcade

0000“Bricks…! Bricks everywhere!”

Tetris, released back in 1984 was an entirely a different arcade experience all together.

With the onus being on a puzzle type affair, the dynamic was to rotate falling, various shaped bricks into rows across the bottom of the screen.0001“What? Is that it?!” Indeed it was, however don’t be fooled, this was one of the most addictive games in history and appeared on several home formats, however none could offer the sheer joy offered in arcade halls and a myriad of bars across the land.0002Developed by Russian’s, the backdrop is true to form, rounded pillars with spiralling rooftops and the music… Ah’ yes the music. The theme, a soviet ditty, proved so popular it was actually released as a chart track and proved so successful it gained instant fame throughout the music world, another example of the global phenomenon which saw Tetris achieve many accolades in the gaming industry.

[youtube 0kY6dopdVPs nolink]

Beginning simply with slow falling tiles, the difficulty curve is spot on, allowing the player to progress through the many stages, becoming more and more difficult as the game progresses and with a higher drop velocity and more complicated shapes, the task is indeed a challenging one, adding to the “comeback-ability” is that a word? It is now! In all seriousness, this video game experience was and still is one of the most addictive, challenging and simple arcade games in history and one which deserves a re-visit.

Review by Rob Joy.