Toobin – Arcade

0031“Feelin’ hot hot hot!”

Summer has finally arrived… and what better way to spend it than to head down to the water, throw in a giant inflated inner tube, jump aboard and go with the flow. Here we have a classic that allows you to do just that.

As soon you jump in, the current takes you on a wild adventure. It’s calm at the beginning as you familiarize yourself with the very original control method of steering, you’re hands.
Both hands dipped in the water at the same time. (in the game of course) and hitting the left and right buttons in sync powers you faster giving more straight line speed, take one hand out or hit just the one button, rudders your tube left or right, which hysterically sees you splashing for control.0011Things are never that straight forward, so to speak, when you realise its a race, and not a fair one either. Bumping into each other is one sure way of sending the other guy over one of the very sharp rocks that break the surface, which if not quickly avoided by furiously splashing in the opposite direction can leave your inflatable punctured and speeding round and round untill all the air has expired.0016Rocks aren’t your only hazard as futher down the stream you’ll come across fishermen casting in sharp hooks, forcing you to take another route over fast rapids through narrow rocky canyons, bouncing you out of control and straight into a floating log, bursting your ride once again and allowing your opponent to zoom past, mocking you on the way.

Gates are situated down the ever meandering river, giving point bonuses if steadily navigated through, bumping up the score. Inevitably, there’s only room for one of you so bouncing out your opponent or throwing a soda can at him, which can be found and picked up downstream, gives you the advantage and edge to get past your opponent.0027Falling from the many waterfalls, the scenery begins to change the further downstream you get, throwing a whole new array obstacles and perils in your path to avoid, leaving you wondering what could be around the next corner. This and the sheer fun factor is what will keep you coming back for more.

[youtube wPyw691V9mA nolink]

The game comes into its own when you hit two player, this is where the fun begins with both of you speeding down the river, bouncing in all directions just to get ahead.

Graphically a pleasing game with simplistic gameplay, this mid 80’s gem is sheer funtastic,  soaking mayhem so dive in! Bring a friend and prepare for a wet and wild ride!!

Review by Rob Joy.