Xybots – Arcade

0001“Destroy all humanoids!”

The mid 1980’s saw Atari, in collaboration with Midway, release ‘Xybots’. A story of two special agents entering an abandoned laboratory infested only by robots.

Using a similar dynamic as ‘Gauntlet’, the action takes place from a 3rd person perspective, whereby the camera or viewpoint is behind the player, giving forward three-dimensional view.0004With a myriad of mazes to explore and keys to collect to gain access to further levels, mechanised monstrosities come thick and fast in many forms, patrolling combat droids to low-grade maintenance bots, which sometimes carry power ups and credits, a valuable item which can be used in the end of level store-room to purchase valuable wares, such as increased firepower, extra armour and wall mapper, the list goes on.0000Using an original control method, twisting the joystick at forty-five degree angles, the player is able to face in all directions, thus quashing any threats that may sneak from behind, another new function in the arcade experience. Teleporters, secret passage ways all come into their own to help you in your pursuit of the machines.0007As a one player, the gameplay is excellent, as a two player… Well, the experience comes into full effect as a fantastic arcade gaming experience.

Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Definitely. recommended? Indeed!!

[youtube QzOwhhW-EbM nolink]

Review by Rob Joy.