Scramble – Arcade


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the enemy base and remove the threat from within. 1981 Konami threw out a sideways scroller that put you in the pilot seat of a jet fighter, against an array of enemies and hazardous mountain ranges. As the mission begins the first thing you notice is your fuel.. FUEL!  Let me say that again FUEL!… This burns fast and must constantly be topped up by dropping bombs onto fuel installations below which once hit tops up your emptying tank.002With full movement around the screen your gonna’ need it, not only to avoid the surface to air missile’s being launched, not only to fly low and strafe the enemy ground defences, but to avoid the enemy fighter’s which swarm toward you, unless of course you’re quick enough to shoot them out the sky.004Flying through rocky canyon’s, reaching checkpoint’s throughout the mission, things go from bad to downright dangerous. What was once deadly caves soon becomes skyscrapers, leaving no room for error while threading your jet ever onwards to that illusive next stage, always with the threat of your fuel running out and looking for that next fuel tank to destroy.

[youtube YzzhdhFqzFM nolink]

A very difficult yet very simple game to play, this challenging classic shooter will have you always coming back for more.

“You are the only hope… You are the last fighter… Scramble!!”

Review by Rob Joy.