Spy Hunter – Arcade

0000This article will self destruct! Mission status: Active!”

The year is 1983, global paranoia is at an all time high, governments race for global supremacy, international espionage is rife. Shaken but never stirred, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek out enemy agents, by what ever means necessary and hunt them down.

0002As a top secret spy hunter your weapon of choice is your car, however this is a car with a difference. Fully kitted out with high tech weaponry and gadgets, ranging from front machine guns, surface to air missiles, smoke screens and oil slicks, you’re ready for action.

This timeless classic from Midway came with a fully operational steering column, incorporating controls for each weapon, weapons that are picked up from support trucks, waiting along side the winding highways and freeways to lower their ramps and arm your vehicle, ” Left a bit, right a bit… Change gear and hit the gas!” Driving through miles of open road, looking down upon the action, you soon come bumper to bumper with the secret agents you were sent out to seek, driving various types of deadly secretive prototypes, each with their own arsenal of fiendish suprises to stop you in your tracks and from achieving your goal.

003Know your enemy, the following information is ‘Top Secret!’ First we have The Road Lord, this agent will stop at nothing to ram you off the road with his armour plated car at any cost, ANY!… Impervious to machine gun fire, this expert assassin shows no mercy, even to the point of using other traffic as human shields, unless of course he can be persuaded to leave the road of course with a nudge in the right direction. Next we have Switchblade. This merciless agent must be stopped, however be warned, he comes with a few tricks up his sleeve. Don’t let him drive along side you, the latest report is that his vehicle comes equipped with blades in the wheel hubs, needless to say, he’ll have you in somewhat of a spin. Guns are able to dispatch this enemy from behind, as are the smoke screens and oil slicks if you are ahead, but be quick… This characters wily.004Enter the enforcer, a chauffeur driven spy with a passion for shotguns.., again try not to drive to close as he’ll think nothing of taking shots at you from the window, despite the civilian population. Use your rear mounted weapons again as he comes bullet proof. Ariel reconnaissance has shown a rogue pilot working for the enemy going by the pseudonym ‘The Mad Bomber’. Keep your eyes peeled and watch the skies, sooner or later your going to come under bombardment from him as he expertly flies his chopper, cratering the road ahead in an attempt to leave you in a tangled mess. Your surface to air missiles should have no problem shooting him out the sky.

005We have left a nice little suprise for you should the road become too dangerous or a bridge has been taken out. Pay attention these are not toys! How are your boating skills? We do hope they’re up to scratch as you’ll need them to hunt for the remaining agents. ‘Dr Torpedo’ and ‘ Barrel Bomber’. Blow them out of the water agent, this mission depends on it!  We can only give you a certain amount of time before we must leave you to you’re own devices, we can only assist.

[youtube h34MviiKXXc nolink]

After our operational window closes you must take care of these weapons agent, they are not replaceable. Good luck! Oh’ one last thing… Be careful out there.  An outstanding, graphically simple yet deadly game to play, Spy Hunter will remain an absolute classic, as it was in 1983 and through many years to come. Spy Hunter. Williams/Midway Arcade 1983.

Review by Rob Joy.