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Amstrad CPC Calendar 2024

Amstrad fans rejoice! Thanks to Jason Brooks, you can now download the 2024 Amstrad CPC calendar! Featuring many of your favourite Amstrad titles, this calender will look lovely in your kitchen or on your bedroom wall, and best of all it’s completely free! Download and print one out now!Download: CalendarMaster2024V1.4.pdfSource: George Bachaelor

Nibbler DX, A New Amstrad CPC Remake of the Classic 1982 Arcade Game

Nibbler DX is a new Amstrad CPC remake of the classic 1982 Arcade game Nibbler, currently in development with a full release expected in 2024. The game is coded in C using the CPCTelera library. One level Demo version fully playable. The full version will also have: -10+ Fiendish Levels-Sound Effects and Music-Optional Arcade Mode Gameplay-Enhanced Graphics and Animations Works…

Four Games entered into the CPCRetroDev 2023

Rather than posting each game from the CPCRetroDev2023, we have decided it’s probably better to just group a few at a time in a post. A lot of these games are loads of fun, but most are very basic in game play, and with very little information, they don’t really need their own dedicated post. So to start, we take…

Kung Fu Master, Amstrad GX4000

Kung-Fu Master, known as Spartan X in Japan, is a side-scrolling beat ’em up game developed by Irem as an Arcade game in 1984, and distributed by Data East in North America. Designed by Takashi Nishiyama, the game was based on Hong Kong martial arts films. It is a sequel to the Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung film Wheels on…

Watch Out!!! Amstrad CPC

Immerse yourself in the exciting feats of Oto, a small but very brave firefighter cat, who ventures into a burning building, avoiding dangerous debris to save other cats. Help him in his daring battle for survival and rescue the kittens in distress. Download the game here: WatchOut.dsk

Timmy’s Limbo, Amstrad CPC

After a series of stupid decisions, little Timmy ends up trapped in endless ruins with countless monsters seeking to destroy his young existence. How long can Timmy survive in this limbo that seeks to drag him to the afterlife? Play this endless adventure and test your courage! Download the game here: TimmysLimbo.dsk

Sweet and Dark, Amstrad CPC

Today is Halloween! You are out there, having fun in your favourite costume, seeking for every candy you can get. Everything seems so much fun… But, wait… Where’s everyone? Oh! You think you’ve found someone, but they look so weird. You look closer and… Oh no! They are Monsters! Cross between the threatening creatures and try not to touch them,…

Dive Jely, Amstrad CPC

In this game, you play as a diver who ventures into a mysterious and dangerous ocean to find a long-lost treasure with the goal of trading it all in for an Amstrad CPC. Unfortunately, something smells fishy, it’s a legendary treasure, but no one else is searching for it. Soon, you’ll discover that everyone stays away from the treasure because…

Sheriff Duty, Amstrad CPC

In Sheriff Duty you’ll become the sheriff of Amstrad, a small town. Last night, a group of bandits entered the town causing trouble. The distant cries for help from the citizens wakes you up, so you grab your pistol ready to confront them. Will you be able to save Amstrad from the bandits?Download the game here: sheriffduty.dsk

Fitzroy Feels the Heat, Amstrad CPC

Fitzroy has decided to go treasure hunting, having arrived at a suitable tropical island paradise he is ready to begin. However, once Fitzroy arrives something is wrong, he is feeling decided odd, he is FEELING THE HEAT. A little heat on a tropical island might be expected but his core body temperature does not know what it is doing. It’s…