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8-bit bullet-Hell shooter Chibi Akumas heading to the ZX Spectrum!

We covered the original release of Keith Sear’s hectic retro shooter for the Amstrad CPC back in December 2016, but our friends over at Planet Sinclair spotted that a conversion for the ZX Spectrum now appears to be in works. A new announcement on the game’s official website confirms this fact, promising to deliver an updated version of the game…

Chibi Akuma(s), Amstrad Shoot ’em up Now Available to Download

Back in December we reported about “Chibi Akuma(s)”, a new spoof-horror crazy shoot ’em up coming to the Amstrad CPC. As promised the game has been released. Download it from the link below. Download: ChibiAkumas_3Disk.7z Website: chibiakumas.com

Chibi Akuma(s), A New Amstrad Shoot ’em up Coming End of December!

While browsing through CPCWiki forums today, I came across a thread about a new Shoot ’em up game coming to the Amstrad CPC, that is certainly worth mentioning. According to the creator Keith56, Chibi Akuma(s) is a spoof-horror firepower crazy shooter! The game play is heavily inspired by Death Smiles, with a more cartoon style like Cotton, but be warned though, the…