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VITNO Preview & Interview: Yeti Mountain (C64)

2024 is set to start with a bang within the Commodore 64 gaming scene as Protovision have confirmed that they have secured the distribution rights to Yeti Mountain – a multi-genre interactive game adventure developed by a talented team headed by Russell Mills. Spread out across three distinct episodes, Yeti Mountain features a well structured story narrative (well I would…

C64 OS v1.05 is now available!

C64 OS v1.05 is now available! v1.05 introduces a major architectural upgrade — Fast App Switching. Tons of other bug fixes and improvements are in this release. It's been under development and testing since July 2023. #C64 https://t.co/11xSRM3F8khttps://t.co/Tt0126fzl0 pic.twitter.com/TG4qiJ7iBO — Gregorio Naçu (@gregnacu) November 14, 2023 Youtube: C64 OSTwitter: Gregorio NaçuWebsite: c64os.com

Vampire Vengeance, Commodore 64

Long ago, an army of knights known as the Order of the Silver Cross attacked count Orlack’s castle.The mission was to annihilate the lord of shadows and all his subjects. The battle was fierce, leaving a large number of victims on both sides. But finally, a few knights managed to access the main crypt and confront Orlack. The count managed…

Commodore Free Website is back!

We have always been regular readers of the Commodore Free Zine. Commodore Free stopped publishing their magazine around 2017, just like many websites, they decided to take a break. We all assumed that was the end. However we have some good News! They are back! The website now resides at www.commodorefree.com, with a new light theme and all the previous…

Blob Fox Commodore Plus/4

Blob Fox is an action game with puzzle elements for the Commodore Plus/4 that is similar to the Arcade classic Q*bert, but without the isometric play-field. Change every pattern to a target colour by moving the character over it while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Download: blob_fox_v1.zipSource: Cascade 64, Plus/4 World

Rocky Memphis Returns to the C64 This Weekend

The great adventurer Rocky Memphis is back from a 5 year hiatus and is about to grace the screens of your Commodore 64 with the release of Rocky & Co this weekend. Developed by Icon 64 and published by Psytronik Software, Rocky & Co is a puzzle platform game that draws inspiration from Datasoft’s 1985 release, The Goonies. The games…

Empire Strikes Back Plus/4 Port by Sasvári Tamás Released!

Sasvári Tamás and team released the Empire Strikes back Plus/4 port today. Here’s a few words from the Plus/4 World Facebook group. Undergoing graphic compromises, managing software sprites, reducing the color clash at its minimum, fighting against wicked bugs, in the very end Sasvári Tamás, our monumental TCFS Maestro, has ported Megastyle’s The Empire Strikes Back on Plus/4! After a…

Megastyles Empire Strikes Back Plus/4 Port Teased by Sasvári Tamás

Yep you heard right, Sasvári Tamás teased a recent video showing Megastyles hit Empire Strikes Back ported to the Plus/4! This is simply amazing, considering the graphics and sound limitations of this humble computer. We’ll let you know more as soon as there’s a release date.Video: Empire Strikes Back Plus/4Source: Commodore Plus/4 MagyarországC64 Version: megastyle.itch.io

Colodrio, A New Plus/4 Game released at Function 2023

Colodrio is a new Plus/4 puzzle game where you sort tiles by colours and brightness. It was recently released at Function 2023, a game development competition. More details here: plus4world.powweb.com Download: Colodrio

Scene World Podcast Episode #130 – The A500 Mini with Darren Melbourne and Chris Smith

Darren Melbourne returns to the podcast – 5 years after, this time with Retro Games’ CTO Chris Smith, they are talking about the upcoming A500 Mini. I this episode, they talk about the rocky way of getting this onto the road and what it means for the Amiga scene and the Amiga competitive gaming scene, as well. Interview starts at…