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The Chaos Engine goes 3D in Doomsday Machine, a mod for Doom!

The Amiga classic goes first-person in an early preview of this ‘total conversion’ for Doom!

Amiga Remix Latest Updates

You can listen to new remixes on the AmigaRemix web page. The following Amiga music has been added to the web page: Assassin Special Edition – Title, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 – Title, Agony – Loading Mountain (Breathless RMX), Turrican 2 – The Greath Bath, Pinball Dreams – Beatbox Theme (daXX Remix), Human Target (daXX Remix), Monday (Maf remake) and…

Amiga Remix Latest Updates

Over at Amiga Remix the following remixes have been added. Click on each title below to listen or right click ‘Save As’ to download. We recommend the three Jesus On E’s Remixes by edd_jedi/Echo of LSD. Defender Of The Crown (title) Agony – Loading Forest (TITAN Deep Blue Mix) MegaLoMania title Total Eclipse (Main Theme Remix) Einstein 2d6 – Wings…

Did IT come from the desert? Gloom FPS Mod has been Updated!

Did IT come from the desert? has had an update, check out the following changes below; New 21 levels for 2P combat mode. New sprites of Player character.(objs/player) New status bar and fonts in the game screen. You don’t have to assign anymore.(e.g. gloom3: , desert: ) …,etc. [youtube uhbeLkN4cHg nolink]Website: http://nitta.sakura.ne.jp/gloom-mod/desert-mod/comedesert.main.htmlForum Thread: http://eab.abime.net

Commodore 64 Acrylic Housing Update!

We have just been informed by Lichmichel where to buy this wonderful custom Commodore 64 casing. The price is 70,00 €, and you can place your order over at the Plexilaser Shop website right now! Buy it here: http://www.plexilaser.de

Commodore 64 Acrylic Housing

Lichtmichel is developing a small series of acrylic housings for the Commodore 64. You can add LED lighting and choose your own design of ventilation openings. The housing will be laser cut from acrylic and is made for the ASSY 250469 motherboard. Custom designs for other motherboards are possible.Forum64 Thread: http://www.forum64.deForum64 More Images: http://www.forum64.de

AmiCraft – A Minecraft like game for Amiga

AmiCraft is a Minecraft like game for AmigaOS 4.x. The changes in this version are: The Edge of world works now without crash. Added: Much larger world, different biomes, chests, furnaces, ladders, iron ore, iron tools, stone bricks, steak, blocks with gravity (sand and gravel) and random block ticks. Website: http://www.os4depot.net

Custom Sega Master System With Built-In Game Gear Cart Slot

While the Super Nintendo may have had an excellent Game Boy adapter to play the pocket-sized classics on the big screen, Sega never released an equivalent for their colourful Game Gear handheld. With a hefty amount of solder and a custom built board, one retro gamer has made his very own 2-in-1 Master System with a Game Gear cartridge slot…

Battery powered Portable Commodore 64 (12V DC)

Adrian Kurek modified his Commodore 64 to work with 12V DC. This makes it possible to use a battery to power the computer. Also this is not the only modification he made, he also added: SD2IEC, Mini LCD screen, Stereo SID with amplifier, Speakers and C64 original ROM/JiffyDOS with an OS switch. Check the video below to see it in…

Target Renegade mod – ZX Spectrum

Ralf over at the Temporary World of Spectrum Forum has been playing around with existing game code of the classic title ‘Target Renegade’, adding colour here and there and changing a few things. Don’t worry though, this is still good old Renegade but with a twist. As you can see this mod has new backgrounds, but that’s not all. Play…